By my signature below, (1) I acknowledge that I have been informed of, and fully understand, the benefits, terms and conditions of
membership in VolleyNation, for which this application is being submitted and for which the provisions of this Acknowledgement,
Waiver and Release are incorporated therein, and agree to accept and abide by such terms and conditions, as they may be
amended from time to time by VolleyNation, including but not restricted to participation or attendance at sanctioned, affiliated or
promoted events, (2) I acknowledge and understand that my involvement and participation in the volleyball event to which I am
also registering, as well as any other volleyball event, is completely voluntary and not required for my membership in VolleyNation,
(3) I acknowledge and agree that there is no principal-agency relationship between VolleyNation, its parent and subsidiaries, and
each of their officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, representatives, contractors, successors and
assigns (individually, an "VolleyNation Party" and collectively, "VolleyNation Parties"), on the one hand, and the organizers,
operators, promoters, sponsors, advertisers and officials of this or any other volleyball event, on the other hand, (4) I hereby
release and forever discharge and waive any and all claims that I, my heirs, assigns and successors, has or may have against
VolleyNation Parties, or any of them, arising out of or in connection with my membership in VolleyNation and/or my participation in
any volleyball event, including, without limitation, any bodily injury, mental anquish, death or property damage, (5) I agree to
indemnify and hold harmless the VolleyNation Parties, and any of them, from any damage, claims, costs, liabilities or expenses
(including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and expert witness expenses) arising out of or resulting from my breach of any of the
terms and conditions of my membership in the VolleyNation, including, without limitation, any breach of this Acknowledgement,
Waiver and Release. (6) I hereby irrevocably consent to the unrestricted worldwide use of my name and/or likeness by the
VolleyNation, its successors and assigns, in connection with any advertising or promotional activities relating directly or indirectly
to all sponsors of the Events.  I further agree that any photographs, pictures, slides, films and/or movies taken or made by
VOLLEYNATION and its directors, sponsors and affiliates in which I appear, or any reproduction of the same, may be used in any
manner or media whatsoever by VolleyNation or any person authorized by either party. I hereby acknowledge that no soliciting of
any kind is allowed at or on VolleyNation tournaments or web or social media sites. Soliciting includes but is not exclusive to the
advertising or soliciting of players to attend non VolleyNation events or the selling of products or services in any way shape or form
no matter how large or small, direct or indirect without express written consent from VolleyNation.
I have read, fully understand and voluntarily sign this waiver and release form, which embraces each and every event sanctioned,
authorized or promoted by VolleyNation.
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